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Easy Natural Tricks to Sweat less

No matter what season, we have a tendency to sweat. It could get embarrassing if it goes overboard though. Excessive sweat and smelly arm pits are not considered desirable today, but there are many things we can do to combat it.Show More

If you feel that you are sweating more than normal and it is becoming a nuisance for you, you could try out these natural remedies:

  1. Eat less or avoid spicy food – Eating spicy food makes your sweat glands go a little crazy in trying to balance your body temperature.
  2. Wear cotton – It is a natural fibre and absorbs sweat like no other material and allows your body to breathe. Letting air flow through makes it the ideal choice for summer.
  3. Cut down on your salt intake – I’m sure we’ve all learnt about osmosis in science. When you eat too much salty foods, your body will be trying to balance the salt content in your body and will excrete it in the form of sweat.
  4. Avoid Caffeine – I know that having that cup of coffee in the morning starts your day. But have too much, and your nervous system will be stimulated causing you to sweat.
  5. Apply Deodorant – That’s why we have them. Don’t wait to apply it only when you notice body odour. It is most effective when applied on dry skin and use it regularly throughout the day.
  6. Lemon juice proves effective if applied on your underarms. It will be absorbed by your body and you will noticeably sweat less.
  7. Application of apple vinegar on your underarms at night also proves a good remedy. Wash it off in the morning with soap and water.

Natural Tricks to Sweat less

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